In March 2017 I completed Stage One of ‘The Art Of Facilitation’, run by global-leader-in-the-field, Zenergy ltd.

Facilitation is not teaching or coaching.

It is not mentoring, nor mediating, It uses a set of well defined and proven tools, systems and processes to help any group meeting in project or collaboration to…

  • Clarify and adhere to their purpose: the what and why
  • Set and maintain a group culture: the how
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships, and deal with difference and conflict, mindfully and respectfully.
It is the ‘ways and means’ to effectively and co-operatively harnesses the collective intelligence of a group to be more than the sum of its parts.

Facilitation is a natural amalgamation and broadening of my existing skill set and experiential wisdom from the following:

  • Voice and song teaching/leading in all sectors – corporate, institutional, entertainment industry and therapeutic.
  • Workshops for choirs, festivals and ensembles with small and large groups of both amateur and professional singers
  • Involvement in multiple creative projects and spiritual groups
  • Study of human psychology and consciousness and yoga philosophy
  • Understanding human psychology and interpersonal relationships gained through my own healing and my work healing others

Contact me to talk further about how I might assist.
I am actively looking for places where I can share powerful tools to revitalise group experience and, in the words of Zenergy, encourage ‘whole people co-operating in a sustainable world’.

If appropriate, I can add skilfully guided group singing to facilitation – an extremely powerful way to tune up and tune in, get in harmony and sing from the same page!