Meet GeoRGIA

International musical theatre, longstanding Auckland musical residencies in jazz and soul, guest artist in cabaret and concerts, specialist for recording and session work, Georgia is a vocal artist with decades of performance experience in many genres of song.

As a teacher in corporate, institutional and healing environments, her passion is to get people singing. To this end she is an award winner of a place on ART Venture 2013/14: an acceleration programme for exceptional arts practitioners & creative entrepreneurs

super love album - ariathea
Salutations - Ariathea
Pacific-Lullabies - Ariathea

Artist Name


Aria: song, also air in Italian
Thea: a Greek Goddess of the earth

“Ariathea”, my artist name, is the call to write and sing my own words and melodies and honour the yogic and Ascended Master Consciousness metaphysical training of my life journey

With the co-creative powers of bassist Mat Fieldes, percussionist Doug Brush and top producers The Sound Room, SUPER LOVE is an album of twelve original songs that call us to be, to be free, to dance and, above all, celebrate our connection to Gaia