Sacred Performance / Leader of Song

H​onour ​your loved one​ with​ the power of song

With extensive training in consciousness, yoga, naad yoga (the yoga of sound) I am uniquely placed to offer song in a sacred context; funerals, memorial services, wedding ceremonies and other rites of passage.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to sing where my voice can truly be of service: wedding ceremonies, funerals, memorial services, sacred events or rites of passage.

I can work with a pianist, or backing track, ​or a cappella (solo voice​)​ can be very powerful​.

I work with you to curate the perfect song to celebrate your loved one: be it their favourite song (or a song from their favourite artist) or a suggestion from my extensive knowledge of songs to suit personality or appropriate sentiment.

Make a wedding or funeral or memorial service that much more special through the power of group singing

I am also highly skilled (and love!) to lead others in song, perhaps a favourite of a bridal couple or departed loved one.

Song is a very powerful way to engage a group and help people to express powerful emotion.

Contact me to discuss how to use the power of song to take your ceremony to a whole other level!

Leading Chris Knox’s ‘Not Given Lightly’ at a memorial service 2017. Photo: Amanda Billing

“Having Georgia lead the song my sister, Harriet, requested we all sing at her memorial service was an inspiration. We sung like we have never sung before! It was a profoundly moving experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Georgia has a wonderful soul and an enormous gift that I would recommend to anyone.”
Fraser Brown.

Actor / Producer