I urge my friends, those in the music/arts/consciousness/festival scenes, and especially from whom I hear a beautiful desire to conserve resources and ground in intentional communities guided by spiritual principles, to watch the Warner Brothers docudrama HEAVEN AND HELL ( about the cult CENTREPOINT, active here in Auckland between 1978-2000. 

As part of the press in the lead up to the nationwide airing, there is a very powerful John Campbell interview with survivors articulating why now a graceful and compassionate interview with director Natalie Malcon shedding light on how it came to be and, also  broadcasting on Sunday May 30,  Jim Mora, talking to Dr Caroline Ansley,  survivor. Mora Centrepoint, a spiritual-social-therapeutic experiment which presented values, ethics and practices in convincing spiritual-sounding language, was on the North Shore.  I was raised concurrently, just down the road; being a kid, then training and performing/touring, but I was aware something was up. You could not live or be from the Shore and not be aware.

Now, in 2021, I intimately know adults who are former children of Centrepoint, and the suffering has been immense.

Now, it is the CHILDREN’S voices that are FINALLY BEING HEARD, through a TRINITY of MANA WAHINE, former children of Centrepoint, and strong enough to speak for those who can’t.

These women are:

Dr Caroline Ansley

Dr. Kate Rowntree

Rachel King

In conjunction with the doco, in which they feature, these women – supported by others and acknowledging the shoulders they stand on – are leading a restorative justice process, using Desmond Tutu’s South African model. This process, unlike our current judicial system, has no “naming and shaming”. It is centred around listening and receiving. 

There is an open letter calling for this restorative justice on the Centrepoint Restoration website Project for those who wish to know more.

Here in action is the Power of Honesty, of Acknowledgement, and above all, the RETURN OF THE DIVINE FEMININE, singing through the distortions.

Though appearing spiritually activated and led, Centrepoint became an experiment in spiritual manipulation, a breeding ground for moral injury – the worst kind there is – in which our innate knowing is annihilated, and the belief in our wrongness becomes the only faith there is.

A place where sex, drugs and children formed a dark triad indeed.

To all, but especially those dancing on the edges of mainstream, shaking things up as they need to be shaken, a word of caution: please watch and read and listen, to perhaps shed some light on how darkness was allowed, encouraged, and justified .





Georgia Duder-Wood